Mekong Delta Speedboat Full Day Tour

Start Time: 7:45AM – 8:00AM Duration:9 – 9.5 hours

Escape the beaten path and discover the hidden wonders of the Mekong Delta, with our unique and exhilarating speedboat tour. While the region south of Saigon has been overwhelmed with mass tourism over the years, we have meticulously created an immersive and intimate experience that provides a different perspective of the authentic rural Vietnamese way of life.

Set off from downtown Saigon as you embark on a water journey to take in the stunning scenery up

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Tour Itinerary

7:30AM, be picked up from the hotel lobby for a transfer to the central pier by car or minivan.

Embark on a speedboat onward to Mekong Delta and capture a glimpse of Vietnam's diverse landscape, from gleaming skyscrapers and busy commercial centers to peaceful rural life along the riverbank.

While on board, you can enjoy a light breakfast, fresh tropical fruits and mineral water as we

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  • Our tour offers a unique and authentic experience of the Mekong Delta region. We take you off the beaten path to discover unseen and lesser-known spots in the Mekong Delta where you can truly connect with the local culture, interact with the friendly locals and see their daily life.

    We have painstakingly created an immersive and intimate experience that provides a different perspective of the authentic rural Vietnamese way of life that has been largely overlooked by mass tourism. You will not encounter any tourist traps or commercialized shopping in our tour, ensuring a genuine experience throughout.

    Our tour is also a collaboration with local communities, allowing us to provide a responsible and sustainable tourism experience that contributes to the local economy. In addition, we offer a range of exciting activities that go beyond the typical tourist attractions. You can explore a riverside market, ride a sampan boat, visit a tofu-making family, cycle through a local village, visit temple and pagoda.

    Last but not least, opting a speedboat ride to the Mekong Delta offers a quick and fun way to unwind and relish the magnificent scenery along the river instead of spending time stuck in traffic. This unique mode of transportation adds an extra element of excitement to your tour.

  • The main difference between the half day and full day Mekong Delta speedboat tours is the destinations covered and the tour duration.

    The half day tour takes you to Long An province with a one-hour speedboat ride for one way, and you will explore a local riverside market, take a sampan boat ride, visit a tofu-making family, cycle through a village, see a Cao Dai temple and Buddhist Pagoda, and have a light home-cooked meal.

    On the other hand, the full day tour covers both Long An and Ben Tre province with a two-hour speedboat ride for one way. In addition to everything offered in the half day tour, you will also experience a tuk-tuk ride and enjoy a more extensive lunch.

    Due to the extended duration and specific activities, the full day tour costs more than the half day tour. In general, both tours offer an excellent chance to explore off-the-beaten-track areas of the Mekong Delta, allowing you to have an authentic local experience and immerse yourself in the region's culture and beauty. Depending on your schedule and preferences, you can choose whichever tour suits you best.

  • No, the floating market is not included in our Mekong Delta speedboat tour due to its location far from Ho Chi Minh City, and it typically requires an overnight tour and an early morning wake-up to witness the lively market. Currently, only bus tours are available to reach the floating market.

    However, in our Mekong Delta speedboat tour, we do visit a local riverside market. This market is a wonderful opportunity to experience the vibrant local way of life, interact with friendly locals and gain insights into the unique customs and traditions of the Mekong Delta region.

  • Total biking duration of 40 – 60 minutes would depend on your speed. The village paths have a smooth, concrete surface and are relatively free of traffic, which makes for a comfortable biking experience.

  • Of course! If you are unable to cycle, please let us know in advance. We will arrange an appropriate alternative for you, such as riding on the back of a scooter.

  • For safety reasons, only an experienced guide or driver is permitted to ride the scooter during our visit to the land-based attraction. As a passenger, you would ride on the back of a scooter. If you all want to be the pillion passengers on the scooter, we can make the necessary arrangements and the additional charges may apply.

  • Certainly! Your kids can ride on the back of the scooter with one of their accompanying parents, sitting in the middle between the parent and the driver for added safety.

  • Absolutely! Being on the back of a scooter is completely safe, especially on the peaceful village roads of the Mekong Delta with minimal traffic. Our experienced drivers prioritize safety and ride at a slow and cautious pace. Furthermore, we provide helmets for all passengers, which must be worn during the ride to ensure an extra layer of protection.

  • Yes, our Mekong Delta speedboat tour includes a sampan boat excursion. Whether you choose the half day tour or the full day tour, you will have the opportunity to experience a sampan rowing boat ride as part of the itinerary.

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Jamie W, New York City, New York
A very authentic Mekong Delta

Everything about this tour was excellent from start to finish. Learned so much about the river, the culture, farming, agriculture and life on the Mekong Delta. Loved cycling through the beautiful village and visiting friendly families. Han, our guide was knowledgeable and friendly and made sure we were all good! Can’t recommend highly enough.

Francisco K, Germany
Well-planned and value-for-money tour.

We had an amazing time on the Mekong Delta Tour with Fisheye. Our guide Tom was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The speedboat ride added an exhilarating touch and it was great to get off the beaten path and explore traditional rural Vietnamese life. Could highly recommend this tour!

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